About Trive

We take the complex and deliver it simply

At a Glance

We believe everyone should have easy access to all financial services. Our globally accessible digital platforms enable us to offer financial services at competitive prices and assist our customers with their financial needs.

We operate in various territories around the globe bringing significant know-how and expertise to our customers and enhancing their financial services experience.

We have a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and diversity for all. Having operations in various countries, we embrace different cultures and backgrounds. In fact, we thrive on it!

We are a forerunner in the financial services industry and aim to ensure our legacy for future generations. We believe in the power of progression and never standing still.

Our Group

Trive Financial Holdings, based in the Netherlands, is a group of financial companies providing global investment, credit, banking, wealth and insurance services.

Trive Investment B.V. provides investment services through its investment platform and has wholly owned subsidiaries spanning the globe from the US to Europe, MENA, Indonesia, Australia and Southest Asia.

We have our own multi-asset investment platform with simple interfaces, quick trading options, mobile and web functionalities which allows us to offer our clients the benefits of a fully customizable and rich trading experience. By having our own platform, we show our commitment to continue innovating and customizing our services based on our customers’ needs. We keep evolving continuously to meet market challenges and to bring a competitive edge for everchanging investment needs.

Trive Credit B.V., provides digital lending services in Europe and Australia. We use AI-based credit scoring technology for a seamless digital lending process. Our core customer segment is comprised of individuals with a need for short to medium-term loans, who value speed, transparency, and convenience of the service.

Trive Bank offers a complete digital experience for those looking for swift solutions to their financial needs. Deriving its infrastructural strength from Trive, the products Trive Bank offers are mainly; consumer loans befitting the needs of its clients.

Trive Portföy functions as an asset management company, subject to the regulatory oversight of the Capital Markets Board of Türkiye (CMB). The organization's activities encompass the supervision of mutual funds and the provision of private portfolio management services to investors.

Trive Sigorta offers insurance brokerage services to corporations, individuals, and SMEs throughout the entirety of Turkey. It procures insurance policies for its clients from a variety of insurers under the most advantageous terms. The Company possesses brokerage licenses from the Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency (IPPRS) (SEDDK) for life, non-life, and reinsurance.


We change the game, for the better.


We put people first and improve people’s lives & experiences.


We take the complex and deliver it simply.


We are a reliable, transparent and sustainable organization that inspire confidence.

Our Values

Young and excited, our group companies keep pushing the limits of the financial services industry. We are driven by our core values that shape our business culture and our relationship with our customers. We are a great team who shares the same sensitivities from top executives to Generation-Z colleagues. We all work towards the same common goals and share a bigger purpose. These motivate us to generate long-lasting and successful business results for our customers and a pleasant working environment for our employees all over the world.


To empower our customers on their financial journey by delivering a next-generation financial services experience via our dynamic, expansive, and innovative investment platform and a seamless and fast credit experience through our digital lending platform.


A globally accessible financial services platform powered by constant innovation.

Brand Story

Our philosophy at Trive is to never stand still. We see ourselves as a brand and platform centered on empowering progression for all.

We believe that accepting the status quo can seem pleasant but comes at a high cost. In today's fast-paced and everchanging world, settling means moving backwards. Our passion is the never-ending pursuit of a superior client experience, outperforming the possible and exceeding limits. This is particularly evident through the values we aim to consistently express: progression, empowerment, sophistication. The vision behind Trive is to create a globally accessible financial services platform powered by constant innovation and this exemplified in every detail about our brand and logo, which represents the wings of Mercury.

Mercury, the Roman mythological god of trade is known for continuously pushing the boundaries of success. His wings symbolise speed and adaptiveness, inspiring our movement towards empowering progression for all. Our wing-shaped logo emphasises our team's and brand's unwavering, innovative, and progressive spirit.

The journey we aim to take those that follow us on is forever. To all of us “Trive means Thrive.”